KAWABU-since1857- KAWABU-since1857-


Sake “Beauty” Crafted in Ise,
The Land of the Five Grain Harvest

Kawabu Brewery is a small brewing house situated in the town of Taki in Mie Prefecture, the home of Ise Shrine.
The term 醸造 (Jozo) "brewing" is derived from the fact that we used to produce fermented koji-based foods including miso and soy sauces.

The character蔵 (Kura) “to house” refers to our location in a small mountain village along the ancient Edo-period merchant route, the Kishu Highway.
Here we stand, nestled between the sacred Miya River, where Shinto purification rites of the Toyouke Grand Shrine, the outer shrine of Ise Shrine, are performed, and the Kushida River which bears deep ties with Yamatohime-no-mikoto, the legendary ancestor of the Saiku palace complex.

Like Flowers that Line the Windowsill

Delicacies enjoyed on a special occasion will surely indulge the palate.
But those small things that enrich our every day are deeply precious.

Our sake is like a flower that lines the windowsill, or an earring with a single pearl.

It is close and familiar, therefore within reach.
It is close and intimate; therefore, it should enrich us with exquisiteness.

Every occasion, every time, every day,
No matter our ever-changing society, our desires remain the same at heart.

Cultivating and Delivering the Beauty of Nature

Sake is made with the help of a microscopic organism called koji mold.
The fermenting and bubbling of unrefined sake reminisce the mystery of life.

Like the nurturing of a lifeform, we have lavished our time, our efforts, and our passion;
Capturing, over the past 400 years, the "beauty" hidden in the sake brewing process.

We will continue to nurture this beauty that resides in nature, delivering a radiance resemblant to the smiling rays of the sun goddess, Amaterasu Oomikami.

Luster that Transcends Time

The concept of "Tokowaka," reveres everlasting youth and purity.
Thinking that was imparted to us through the Shikinen Sengu, the most prominent Shinto ritual of Ise Shrine that has been ongoing for 1,300 years.
Every 20 years, the shrine pavilions are renewed, but the ritual remains unchanged. The continuance of the ritual, unchanged yet bringing about rejuvenation, holds great significance.

To carry on the tradition, the shrine must always be new and fresh.
Sake is to be clean and pure like the flowing river.

Sake made with this philosophy will continue to express same pristine aromatic flavors and radiate the same purity and luster.
And the more the years pass, the more it blossoms with beauty.

We urge you to taste the everlasting youth and savor the luster of Kawabu's sake.

The Beauty of Kawabu Brewery