KAWABU-since1857- KAWABU-since1857-

Kawabu Brewery Co. Ltd.

Water of unsurpassed pristineness,Exquisitely unique sake rice,The finest of sacred lands of all Japan.

Kawabu Brewery Co. Ltd.

"Sake beauty crafted in Ise, the land of the five grain harvest," encompasses our history and environment.

Situated in the town of Taki in Mie Prefecture, Kawabu Brewery is surrounded with lush greenery along the Kushida River, which bears deep ties Yamatohime-no-mikoto, the legendary ancestor of the Saiku palace complex. We draw water from the underwater streams of Miya River system, recognized by the Japanese government as the finest water in Japan, and craft our unique proprietary “Yuminariho” sake rice, to create sake that embodies "beauty" and "taste."
We want people worldwide to savor the beauty of sake. And, with this in mind, we continue to refine techniques in crafting sakes that, with each sip, will flourish in beauty from within. A sake in harmony with the beauty and the endeavors of people of the world.

Company Name
Kawabu Brewery Co. Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Hidehiko Kawai (8th generation)
234 Gokatsura, Taki-cho, Taki-gun, Mie Prefecture, 519-2174, Japan

Year Founded
1857 (4th year of Ansei Era, Japan)

Signature Sakes


The name Hokosugi is derived from the sacred “hoko” spear-shaped cedar tree that stands poised, towering powerfully from the precincts of the revered Ise Shrine.
(“hoko” refers to an ancient Japanese spear, and “sugi” means cedar in Japanese)
Kawabu soy sauce (soy sauce made with specifications of Culinary Department of Mie Prefectural Ouka High School)/miso paste/products pickled with sake lees

IWC (England) Junmai-shu brewed in Yamahai method, Silver Medal (Junmai -shu Division),
FEMINALISE (France) Junmai-shu brewed in Yamahai method, Gold Medal (Junmai-shu Division)
IWC (England) Shujun Standard Sake, Gold GVA Champion (Standard Jozo-shu Division)

Plus many more awards

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